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St. Kateřina Hotel

The VIVA bar and Etceteras gift shop are in the lobby located next to the reception. The VODA restaurant has a selection of excellent and healthy cuisine and in the Orangerie Cafe there’s more to try than just a great cappuccino. The Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot and Carmenere rooms are located in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor.

  • VODA restaurant
  • VIVA bar
  • Orangerie Café
  • VERANDA lounge
  • Etceteras gift shop
  • Yoga gyms Yin, Yang

Wellness and spa:

  • Saunas: Jasmin, Pinie
  • Steam Bath: Levanda, Santal
  • Massage cabins: Oheň (Fire), Země (Earth), Voda (Water), Vzduch (Air), Karma, Prána, Akasha
  • Relaxation places: Mantra, Samadi, Nirvana
  • Aqua Euforica - hydro massage bath tubs under the sky

Garnison Hotel

Accommodation in the Chardonnay standard rooms. Suitable for accommodation with your pets. In addition to toiletries and hygienic products, you’ll find everything you need for leisure and sport in Sport Republic shop.




Gymnasion Hotel

Budova Gymnazium - Kateřina ResortaAccommodation in the Shiraz a Shiraz Superior standard rooms. Suitable for accommodation with your pets.

Get as slender as an antelope, flexible as a gazelle and as fast as an impala in the Gymnasion fitness centre. Sure enough, your silhouette has amazing lines! The InBody 720 dietary lab is located on the ground floor and solar meadow RA on the second floor.

Impala, Gazela, Linie, Silueta, Antilopa

Berenike Cosmetics:
Here they exclusively use the luxury products of the French brand THALGO.

Dalila Salon:
Let yourself pamper with manicure and pedicure of American brand ORLY. The salon is located on the ground floor.

Pavilion Cafe

pavillionReflect on times past while taking a moment to rest or sipping good cup of tea or coffee. You can play chess or billiards in the Club.





Church of St. Kateřina

Kostelík - Kateřina ResortThe establishment of the church of St. Kateřina is closely related to the history of the ancient spa of St. Kateřina. The exact date it was founded is unknown, but if we use the church’s dedication as a reference, it can be dated back to the second half of the 14th century when the cult of St. Kateřina was the most popular during the reign of Charles IV. in Bohemia.

There is a record from 1553 in the accounting registers of the Lords of Hradec, according to which close to the chapel of St. Kateřina there lived a hermit named Hanzl who took care of "the church of St. Kateřina in the desert and its surroundings for which he received a livery in return from the Lords of Hradec."

It is assumed that the chapel was founded "by one of the powerful nobles of the family Rosenberg probably in the second half of the 15th century (around 1455) as a thank you since he was happy to be cured by the effects of the St. Kateřina spa“. After Adam II. from Hradec and Hluboka (1549-1596) granted the Jesuits of Jindřichuv Hradec all rights to the churches around the estate of Hradec Králové in 1594, they also started managing Počátky with the subsidiary church of St. Kateřina and the adjacent spa.

The church of St. John the Baptist became a dependant in Počátky after the Thirty Years War (the report from 1636 refers to the separate property of St. Kateřina in the spa).

The Jesuits of Jindřichuv Hradec had planned the construction of a spa with church for some time. Once they learned (in the course of selling the Jesuits residence in Opařany near Tabor to the Prague Clementium) about the noteworthy builder Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer (1689-1751) they made his acquaintance and asked him to take up a new task.

St. Kateřina Spring

Pramen- Kateřina ResortThe St. Kateřina Spring is first mentioned in Hájek‘s Czech Chronicle (1541) as holy water near Počátky, where in 1423 wounded Hussites were treated after the battle by the nearby pond named “Bor” close to Horní Duběnky. The battle commenced on November 7 th 1423. Menhart from Hradec struck the Hussites, led by commissioner Jan Hvězda from Vícemilic (called Bzdinka) by the pond. Bzdinka was attacked and overcome by a much larger army led by Menhart, who had nearly three thousand men under his control.

The spa was due to be handed down, as is tradition originating from the lords of Leskovce who were settled at a nearby fortress. Kryštof from Leskovce had two daughters, Kateřina a Markéta who became ill with "hot disease", which at the time meant typhoid fever. Both were cured when they began to drink water from forest springs. In gratitude, their father built a chapel over one of the springs ’in praise of God’ which was dedicated to St. Kateřina.
The second spring situated about 500 metres south, was dedicated to St. Marketa.


koněThere are seven horses - Scheila, Tammy, Viskonzin, Ulske, Tieneke, Finessa and Crazy Pur - housed in the stables that will carry you around the beautiful surrounding forests, countryside, and fields…




Tennis Courts

tenisThe best clay tennis courts far and wide. One of the courts can be used for volleyball.
The courts are terraced beneath.




Driving range

Driving Area - Kateřina ResortYou’ll certainly improve your golf swing at the teeing-ground at St. Kateřina.





Upper and lower lake

St. Kateřina's spring water creates a unique shade of the upper and lower lakes. The wharf at the lower lake allows access into the water and swimming possibility.



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