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Emergency visiting rules

Emergency visiting rules

The Emergency Visiting Rules of the Svata Katerina Resort (hereinafter “SKR”) apply to all persons accommodated in the SKR and persons entering the SKR as tourists, cyclists or visitors of restaurants, Wellness Facilities or other activities for the duration of special measures instituted by the Czech Government. It contains basic information regarding the rules for the entry and free movement of persons within the entire SKR complex and its vicinity, starting on May 25, 2020.

General Stipulations

  1. These Emergency Visiting Rules are issued by the ŠÉM, a.s., Riegrovy sady 38,
    Prague 2, IC: 25634933, which is the operator of the Svata Katerina Resort
    (hereinafter the “operator”).
  2. The purpose of these rules is to establish binding rules of conduct for all visitors and residents of the SKR, after May 25, 2020. Furthermore, to ensure safety, health and protection of SKR residents and its property.
  3. By their entry into the SKR premises, each visitor expresses his/her consent to be bond by the stipulations of the Emergency Visiting Rules.
  4. Apart from the operator, the Czech Republic police is also entitled to supervise compliance with these Emergency Visiting Rules, within the scope of its legal authority.
  5. Noncompliance with these Emergency Visiting Rules or disagreement with any of its stipulations for entry or accommodation within the SKR constitutes a reason for expulsion or removal from the SKR complex.
  6. These Emergency Visiting Rules only supplement the regular Visiting Rules of the SKR.
  7. Visitors of the Resort must comply with the effective legal regulations of the Czech Republic, general rules on decent behavior and good manners, i.e. above all decency, consideration, and they are required to refrain of any manifestation of interpersonal, racial, religious and political intolerance.  In case of a breach or non-compliance of this provision, a visitor committing prohibited or defective behavior may be immediately expelled and removed from the SKR complex, without prior warning.
  8. Visitors of the SKR complex when entering the SKR buildings are obliged to respect the Operating Rules and Visiting Rules of individual facilities, without exception.
  9. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the persons responsible for the operation of the complex and instructions of the SKR employees, the CR Police, the Fire and Rescue brigade, the Medical Rescue Services and the Regional Public Health Station.

Emergency Visiting Rules

  1. Upon arrival, each guest’s individual temperature will be taken, contactlessly. If a guest refuses this inspection, SKR reserves the right to refuse their entry into the hotel premises for reasons of safety of staff and other guests.
  2. If increased temperature is detected (more than 37,7 degrees Celsius) or in case of any symptoms, the guest will be placed in quarantine room and the hotel management will arrange subsequent procedure.
  3. Guests are obliged to report to the staff of the main Reception any symptoms or misgivings about his/her health condition.  
  4. Each visitor of the SKR is obliged to wear, indoors, a mask covering his/her mouth and nose (i.e. Reception, restaurant, etc.). Masks may be removed in the restaurant during consumption, during exercise lessons, in the swimming pool and whirlpool, Jacuzzi, saunas and while sitting on recliners in the relaxation zones in the Wellness Facilities.
  5. Guests are obliged to keep, within the entire SKR complex, social distance of at least 2 meters.  Guests do not have to keep this distance if they share a room with the other guests or have family ties.
  6. For hygienic reasons, the number of persons in the restaurant will be regulated by an authorized employee so that all hygienic standards are complied with.
  7. Starting on May 25, 2020 breakfast will be served by restaurant staff, only. Dinning tables will be spaced in the restaurant to comply with all hygiene regulations.
    Even at breakfast, the number of persons in the restaurant is regulated by an authorized person.
  8. All condiments will be served to restaurant guests upon request, only.
  9. Restaurant guests will choose meals using the Svata Katerina Resort application, only.
  10. Guests are obliged to properly disinfect their hands when entering any premises.  All disinfectant throughout the premises is provided by the SKR operator.
  11. Sports equipment for all exercise lessons (Nordic walking, mountain bikes, etc.) can be borrowed at the main Reception. Yoga, Pilates and gym equipment (mats, etc.) can be rented at the main Reception for a fee of CZK 500 per stay/set. Equipment may be also purchased at the Jogashop in the SKR complex.
  12. For hygienic reasons, when entering the Wellness Facility, exercise premises, beauty salons and gym, a visitor is obliged to put his/her shoes into provided transparent sachets.
  13. Babysitting is only possible outdoors and must be booked in advance. The operator reserves the right to refuse to care for a child who is not sufficiently dressed for outdoors, according to prior instructions, or of the child’s health is not good.


  1. If needed, you may contact the main Resort Reception in person, 24 hours a day or call:
    Land phone line:    
    + 420 565 456 801 or +420 565 456 802
    Mobile phone:                    
    +420 606 657 002


  1. These Emergency Visiting Rules take affect on May 25, 2020.