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Privacy Policy

Personal data manager and data subject

The Personal Information Manager is the company running this site, a booking service.

The data subject is a natural person who provided the controller with his or her personal data on the basis of a lease agreement, purchase contract, service contract or other agreement entered into with the trustee or consent to the processing of personal data as part of subscription to newsletters sent by the trustee. The subject of the data may also be a natural person whose personal data the administrator has obtained from other legal sources.


Scope of processing of personal data

The administrator processes the personal data to the extent that the data subjects are provided to it, or to what extent the administrator obtains it from other legal sources. These are: name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, place of business, identification number, credit card number, tax identification number, e-mail, telephone, signature.


Purpose of processing of personal data

The administrator processes the personal data of the data subjects in order to fulfill the contract concluded between the data subject and the controller in the form of electronic means of communication at a distance or in writing, the fulfillment of legal obligations and direct marketing (ie offering of products and services to the administrator) in the sense of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain Information Society Services. The business message of the controller sends only if the data subject has subscribed to the newsletter or if the controller has obtained the details of the electronic contact of the data subject in connection with the sale of his products or services. The data subject has the possibility to unsubscribe in a simple way and free from newsletters (newsletters).


Assessment of the necessity of processing

The Administrator takes care to protect the privacy of data subjects and therefore only processes personal data that are strictly necessary for the intended processing purposes.


Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The legal basis for the processing carried out for direct marketing is the consent of data subjects with the processing of personal data (subscription to newsletters) or the legitimate interest of the controller (obtaining electronic contact in connection with the sale of the product or the service of the administrator pursuant to Act No. 480/2004 Coll.).

In other cases, the legal basis for the execution of the contract, the protection of the legitimate interests of the trustee (protection of property, exercise of contract rights in court proceedings, etc.) and fulfillment of a legal obligation.


Time of processing of personal data

In the case of personal data processed to fulfill the contract, the controller processes personal data for the duration of the contractual relationship and subsequently for a further period of 10 years, taking into account the length of the limitation period for damages or damages. In case of processing in order to fulfill the legal obligation, the controller processes personal data for the period stipulated by the legal regulations. In the case of personal data processed on the basis of the data subject's consent, the controller processes personal data for 10 years unless the consent to the processing of personal data is withdrawn by then. This is without prejudice to the obligation of the controller to process personal data for a period of time determined by or in compliance with the relevant legislation.


Revocation of consent to the processing of personal data

If the data subject has given the trustee the consent to the processing of personal data, he may at any time recall his or her free consent to the processing of personal data. Revocation of consent is without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent given prior to his / her removal. Revocation of consent also has no effect on the processing of personal data processed by the controller on the basis of a legal basis other than consent (ie, in particular, if the processing is necessary to fulfill the contract, legal obligations or for other reasons stated in the applicable legislation).


Access to personal data

Personal data of data subjects have access to the controller and, where applicable, to third parties - recipients who provide appropriate safeguards and whose processing complies with the requirements of applicable law and which ensure adequate protection of data subjects' rights

Cookie Policy

Cookies, which are small amounts of data that our servers send to your computer and which allow us to better use our servers and customize their content to suit your needs.

Cookies use almost every website in the world. Cookies increase user-friendliness on repeatedly visited websites and are therefore useful to you. If you use the same computer and the same Internet browser to visit our website, cookies help your computer memorize the pages you visit and your site settings.

Through our web sites, cookies of the advertising system operators on our site may also be stored on your computer. Remarketing uses Google as well. We only use remarketing data to segment visitors to deliver a more relevant ad. Segments are created based on several general patterns of visitor behavior.

Standard web browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support cookie management. Within Browser settings, you can manually delete, block, or completely disable each cookie, block it or allow it for individual websites only. For more detailed information, please use the help of your browser. If your browser uses cookies, we will assume that you agree to the use of standard cookies by our servers.


Cookies are not used for any other than purely technical purposes, we do not associate the data obtained with them with any other data and we work with cookies in such a way that they do not allow us to identify specific individuals.

There are temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Temporary files are stored on your computer only until you close your browser. Temporary cookies allow you to store information when navigating from one website to another, eliminating the need to re-enter some data. Permanent cookies help identify your computer if you visit our site again but do not allow us to identify you personally. Permanent cookies allow us to customize our site to your interests, but we can not personally identify you and store the data in an anonymous way and do not associate them with any other data.


The following table shows what types of cookies we use.


Publisher / Cookie NameTypeExpireDescription
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Google Analytics
Analytical, Trackingpersistent
90 days

Настройки файлов cookie

Вы можете использовать следующие настройки, чтобы указать, какие файлы cookie используются на этой странице.

Требуются файлы cookie

Эти файлы cookie необходимы для вашего перемещения по веб-сайту и использования всех функций, таких как настройка параметров конфиденциальности, вход в систему или заполнение форм. Без этих файлов cookie было бы невозможно должным образом предоставлять услуги, необходимые при использовании нашего сайта. Необходимые файлы cookie не требуют согласия пользователя согласно соответствующим правовым нормам. Вы также можете настроить свой веб-браузер и заблокировать необходимые файлы cookie, но вы не сможете использовать все функции сайта по своему усмотрению.

Статистические файлы cookie

Эти файлы cookie позволяют нам подсчитывать посещения и источники трафика, чтобы мы могли измерять и улучшать производительность нашего сайта. Они помогают нам определить, какие сайты являются наиболее популярными, а какие наименее, и увидеть, как посетители перемещаются по сайту, что помогает нам оптимизировать ваш опыт. Вся информация, которую собирают эти файлы cookie, является агрегированной и, следовательно, анонимной. Если вы не включите эти файлы cookie, мы не сможем использовать вашу информацию таким образом.

Рекламные файлы cookie

Эти файлы cookie (также называемые целевыми или рекламными файлами cookie) используются для показа рекламы на сторонних сайтах, которая больше соответствует вашей личности и вашим интересам. Они также используются для ограничения просмотров объявлений и измерения эффективности рекламных кампаний.