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Gift Voucher - Terms and Conditions

    1. The Gift Voucher (hereinafter referred to as the "Voucher") entitles its holder to either use the services listed on the Voucher or apply its nominal value listed on the Voucher for other services at the Svata Katerina Resort,Svata Katerina 327, 394 64 Pocatky (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator").  The Voucher is transferable without limitation.  Use of services without a Voucher is not possible.

    2. The Voucher may be redeemed at the Operator, and the services listed on the Voucher can be used only until the date indicated on the face of the Voucher. After this specified date, the Voucher is cancelled without refund.
    3. The Voucher holder is obliged to protect the Voucher against loss/destruction or theft.  The Operator is not responsible for loss/destruction of the Voucher or its use by a third party, which presents a valid Voucher to the Operator.
    4. Upon request, the Operator shall issue a new Voucher no later than 3 weeks after receiving the administrative fee of 1,000 CZK.  This does not affect the conditions stated above.
    5. The Voucher holder acknowledges that attempting to use an invalid or invalidated Voucher may fulfill the merits of unjust enrichment or at least attempted crime of fraud, pursuant to Section 209 of Act 40/2009 Coll., The Criminal Code, as amended. 
    6. Pursuant to provisions of Section 1820 of Act 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, the Voucher holder may return, within 14 days of its receipt, an unused and undamaged Voucher to the Operator without stating a reason, if the Voucher was ordered in a way allowing remote access (  In such a case, the amount paid for the services will be returned to the bank account specified by the Voucher holder, reduced by the Operator's flat-rate costs. 
    7. The Voucher is not convertible for cash.
    8. The holder of the Voucher is obliged to book the services listed on the Voucher  or the application of its nominal value  listed on the Voucher for other services,  well in advance (at least 6-8 weeks in advance) using the following email: