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Ayurvedic therapies

Ayurvedic therapies

Provided by professional Ayurvedic therapists from India and Sri Lanka.


A relaxating oil massage for body and mind, using special warm herbal Ayurvedic oils to relax and harmonize the whole body. Abhyanga as a basic Ayurvedic procedure stimulates blood circulation and releases inner tension, nervous system, muscles and joints. Abhyanga boosts the flow of prana (vital energy in the body) and lymph, which induces inner balance and longevity.

  • Price: 1 690 CZK/ 60 min.
  • Price: 2 190 CZK/ 90 min.

The science of life

Ayurvedic therapies use healing powers of nature and help us to lead a healthy life..

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine, some 5,000 years old, comprising unique systems of eating, exercises, herbal therapies, relaxation, meditation, body cleansing, aromatherapy and much more.

These ancient natural medicinal procedures harmonize one's body, spirit and mind and help to restore internal harmony and balance.

Abhyanga - four- hand massage

2 massage therapists 

A full body oil massage performed by two therapists is a very intense cleansing therapy that is an integral part of Ayurvedic healing stays. It helps to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscle tension and eliminates the effects of stress. Thanks to the synchronized work of two therapists, the healing oils are massaged deeply into the tissues, massage stimulates the energetic pathways and harmonizes the flow of Prana (life energy). According to traditional Ayurvedic rules, this massage is performed by two therapists, thus intensifying its effect on physical, energetic and mental levels. After this massage you will feel light and relaxed.

  • Price: 2 190 CZK/ 60 min.


Shirodhara is a special Ayurveidc therapy focusing on the 6th chakra (i.e. it helps in illnesses related to the head, neck, nervous system, vision and hearing). The therapy is very effective in sleeping problems, headaches, and tiredness. Shirodhara essentially comprises a gentle oil flow on the forehead. It is a very pleasant massage technique and a unique experience. A head massage is also part of this procedure. 

  • Price: 2 490 CZK/ 60 min. 

Kati – Vasti

This therapy is focused to eliminate pain in the lower back. It uses a special paste made of flour, which is placed in a circle at the painful points and then is filled with hot oil, which warms up and releases muscle tension. Kati Vasti is very old therapy which improves the flexibility of the spine, removes cramps, pain and spasms. It is a suitable treatment by spondylosis.

* We recommend the consultation with Ayurvedic therapist before this treatment.

  • Price: 1 790 CZK/ 45 CZK


We would like to draw your attention to the specifics of Ayurvedic therapies. Ayurvedic therapies relieve stress, a mental overload or physical exhaustion. They lead to the stimulation of the organ paths, energy flow in your body and a deep stimulation of your tissues, when toxins leave the body and it regenerates and relaxes. This kind of therapy can be really intense and it massages all your body parts. If the pressure will not suitable for you during the therapy, or you will uncomfortable in any way, inform your therapist at any time.