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Learn the secrets of natural medicine from ancient India.


Ayurveda is an overall holistic system offering different aproach to health and healing than Western medicine. Ayurveda does not differ between prevention and healing and considers all the impacts on human body: the enviroment, nutrition, physical activity and spiritual life, which helps to reach inner balance.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-years-old traditional Indian medicine, which comprises unique systems of diet, exercises, herbal therapies, relaxation, meditation, organism cleansing, aromatherapy and much more. It harmonizes body, spirit and mind, helps to restore internal harmony and balance. In 1982, Ayurveda has been recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective medical system. 


One of the key ideas within Ayurveda is the one of five basic elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Ether. Each of us consists of different combinations of these elements, and together they form our uniqueness. These bio-energetic forces constitute the so called ''dosha system' and they also help us to better understand ourselves.

  • Vata dosha - Air and Ether
  • Pitta dosha – Fire and Water
  • Kapha dosha – Earth and Water

Proceeding from pulse analysis (Prakruti), the Ayurvedic therapist/physician determines the predominant doshas which control one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Based on the diagnosis, the therapist/physician recommends appropriate diet, lifestyle (sleep, sport, meditation), therapies, oils, herbs and Ayurvedic medicines to harmonize and heal one's body, mind and soul.


Ayurveda is a way of living, having originated in Inda approximately 5,000 years ago, which comprises unique systems of diet, exercises, herbal therapies, relaxation, meditation, body cleansing, aromatherapy and much more.
The introduction of Ayurveda to Western countries was much slower than that of yoga, but thanks to Ayurveda and yoga therapists, Ayurveda is very popular today and its methods are implemented way beyond the realm of yoga.  

In India, there are not only Ayurvedic spa resorts providing just massages and counseling, but there are also Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals focusing on Ayurveda medicine and healing.


The rejuvenation programs combine healing and herbal massages – massages, wraps and baths positively affect the lymphatic and immune system. One of the most effective programs in this category is Panchakarma. Focusing on the whole body, internal organs, blood and lymphatic cleansing Panchakarma positively affects the nervous system and improves overall health. Panchakarma includes internal cleansing of the intestines, stomach, nose and cavities, herbal steam baths, massages and uses also Ayurvedic herbal supplements


Ayurveda as one of the world's oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems strives for complete elimination of the disease, not only for relieving pain and manifestations of the disease, and brings the body back to its perfect balance. Ayurveda is a treatment for most of the common diseases, including post-traumatas and paralysis, spondylitis, arthritis, rheumatism, discoloration, anxiety, depression, nerve diseases, diabetes, hypertension, heart disorders, inflammation, migraine, insomnia and infertility. In most cases the improvement reaches almost 80 %. In the early stage of illness Ayurvedic therapies reach almost 100 %, especially civilization diseases such as obesity and stress.


Ayurvedic therapies make use of healing power of nature to help us to live healthy life. Today, Ayurveda competes with Western and traditional medicines, offering solutions to various health problems, without side-effects. Due to its positive impact on lifestyle, Ayurveda has become very popular holistic healing system, offering effective solutions to  stress relief, which is difficult to accomplish by traditional medicine.


The Svata Katerina Resort as part of the Kairali Ayurveda Group offers its clients a genuine Ayurvedic programs conducted by Indian experts.

Choose one of our packages:

  • Ayurveda Panchakarma
  • Ayurveda rejuvenation
  • Ayurveda beauty
  • Ayurveda for woman
  • Ayurveda back pain
  • Ayurveda weight Loss
  • Ayurvedic weekend
  • Ayurveda yoga detox

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