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Cosmetics treatment by Thalgo and Comfort Zone, manicure and pedicure Orly

Luxurious manicure ORLY

Exclusive hand care. Take your time and relax  for 10 to 20 minutes in the relaxation zone of the Dalila Salon, to reach even better results.

American brand Orly is leading company in natural nail care segment. The products do not contain dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde even toluene. Orly offers complete care about hands and legs, treatments for all types of nails and wide range of colorful and cares nail polishes.


Unique, refreshing and revitalizing care for your feet.

American brand Orly is a leading company in natural nail care. Orly products do not contain dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde or toluene. Orly provides complete hand and foot care, treatment for all types of nails and a wide range of color and caring nail polishes


Italian caring cosmetics

We introduce the Italian luxurious cosmetic Comfort Zone, which you can find in luxurious hotels, spas, and beauty and wellness centers in 40 countries of the world. The feeling of absolute beauty intensifies a perfect relaxation experience.

Hydramemory complet

for dehydrated skin

Intensive hydrating treatment for face, neck and decollete for a bright and silky skin aspect. It cosmetically supports the compactness of the skin and helps to prevent the visible signs of a premature aging.Ideal for all skin conditions, specific for particularly dehydrated and stressed skins, exposed to air-conditioned and very dry climates.

  • Price: 1 250 Kč/ 60'

Sublime skin

Double scrub peeling – deep peeling with an alpha hydroxy acid (aha)

Complex treatment that can be used for mature, thickened and oily skin that shows dyscromia.Resurfacing illuminating double scrub smoothes, illuminates and uniforms the skin tone, stimulates the epidermial cells renewal and improves the appearance of soft and premature wrinkles. It contains: aromatherapy anti-stress ritual, relaxing facial massage, neck and neck, mask application, final skin treatment. Chrono-Reverser treatment deep skin peeling restores the structure of the skin, smooths unevenness and unifies skin color.

  • Price: 1 290 Kč/ 60'

Sublime skin

Active lifting

Rejuvenating, skin filling and lifting treatment for face and neck. An innovative two-phase lift mask that nourishes and brightens skin and reduces deep wrinkles. Recommended for all skin types.

  • Price: 1 990 Kč/ 85'


French cosmetics Thalgo

The prestigous French brand THALGO has been providing the exceptional potential of the sea as a never-ending source of natural wealth for the human beauty and well-being for more than 50 years. Thalgo owns the patent for „smoothly ground seaweed“, so called micro-ionisation of the seaweed. It is a 100% natural powder made of seaweed, obtained by a special micronisation technology that ensures preservation of a maximum amount of active substances. Your skin will draw a maximum of beneficial substances from the treatment by the Thalgo sea products. Thalgo puts high demands on the product composition. There are no parabens, genetically modified organisms, mineral oils, propylene glycols, artificial colours or animal origin ingredients. Thalgo treatment means the clean fresh sea aroma combined with complete release and perfect relaxation.

Thalgo skin care provides high standard of home product line as well as professional line offered in the most luxurious hotels, spa centres and beauty parlours in 90 countries all around the world. Experience effective and pleasant treatment by Thalgo in Resort Svatá Kateřina.

Hydrating treatment with hyaluronic eye mask

Including cleansing ritual - BIO Marine Eye Extract application, Sea Serum application, Hyaluron Eye Mask, Face Cream Face Cream, Special Eye Microscaint Eye Cream, Ultimate Moisturizing Day Cream.

  • Price: 1 990 Kč / 60'

Luxury spa collagen treatment

It is specified for skin moisturizing, against fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen fills the skin and thus leads to immediate stretching of wrinkles. It is ideal for skin damaged by sun or dehydration. Prestigious pampering treatment with instant results. The mask is moisturized by sea serum (high concentrate sea water), which supplies minerals to the skin.

  • Price: 2 890 CZK / 75'


can be ordered only with any other selected cosmetic treatment, not separately
  • Calves 300 Kč
  • Legs 450 Kč
  • Arms 200 Kč
  • Upper lip 100 Kč
  • Eye brows 50 Kč


can be ordered only with any other selected cosmetic treatment, not separately
  • Eyebrow 100 Kč
  • Lashes 170 Kč