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In the wrap

In the wrap

Indulge your health and beauty. The wrap is a procedure that will provide a truly sensual experience. Replace the moment arms of their loved ones wrapped in hugs you back into it newborn.

*We recommend a maximum of two massages in one day.
**It is not recommended to combine Ayurvedic and Czech massages in one day.

Slimming and anti-cellulite thermal mud therapy

Intensive therapy that combines a special massage with a brush to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph, peeling of the whole body and then other massage treatments, including thermal mud wrap. Slimming treatment that helps to eliminate cellulite, cleanses your body and remineralizes tissue, which leads to improved skin elasticity.
What can you expect? Drainage massage with special brushes, scrub of the entire body, massage and a wrap with thermal mud, treatment with a firming cream, application of a cream against swelling of lower limbs.

  • Price: 1.590 CZK/ 60'

COMFORT ZONE treatment

The Italian brand Comfort Zone combines the wisdom of nature and intelligence of science. Through the effectiveness of selected active ingredients and approach ensuring an extremely pleasant experience for all your senses, providing instant and long lasting exceptional results in the care of body, soul, mind and senses.

Detox Therapy with seaweed sediments

Cleansing treatment using marine sediment and essential oil, which activate the lipolytic process. There is a deep cleaning the body and stimulate metabolism.
What can you expect? Peeling and cleansing whole wrap of problematic zone. 

  • Price: 1.590 CZK/ 60'

Anti-cellulite forming wrap

Deep stimulating, detoxifying and slimming treatment, which has a very strong hot effect.
What can you expect? Peeling and slimming wrap of problematic zones. 

  • Price: 1.490 CZK/ 60'

Anti-cellulite massage with seaweed Algae

Slimming treatment with special toning mask. Alginate Mask strengthens the skin in combination with a special anti-cellulite massage accelerates weight loss. Very effective anti-cellulite treatment is suitable for combating high-stage Cellulite.
What can you expect? Peeling and treatment of problematic zones with a special mask.

  • Price: 1.790 CZK/ 60'
Other wraps

Other wraps

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