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Wellness & Beauty

Wellness & Beauty

Pamper your body, mind and senses.

*We recommend a maximum of two massages in one day.
**It is not recommended to combine Ayurvedic and Czech massages in one day.


Have a look at the wide selection of traditional Thai & Bali massages.

We provide Thai & Bali treatments every day except Wednesday. All other massages are provided without limits. 

Ayurvedic Pavilion

Wellness & Spa

Our Wellness & Spa facility located within the Ayurvedic Pavilion offers the following:


  • Finnish sauna
  • Aromatherapy steam cabins
  • Two large whirlpools
  • Pool with six massage seats
  • Gentle reflexology "walking on stones and pebbles"

Almost every Wellness & Spa area offers gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape. Connecting with nature helps to find one's inner harmony and eliminates impacts of stress caused by modern life-style. 


Give your body the care it deserves. Sauna and steam provide perfect cleansing baths. At the Svatá Kateřina Resort you can try out two saunas, two steam baths, seven massage cabins, three relaxing areas and five whirl and steam baths under the sky – Aqua Euforica.
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