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The driving range at St. Kateřina is exceptional that the golf enthusiast is, with few exceptions almost alone there. One can indulge in practicing golf strokes on the vast field lined with trees without being disturbed by the critical and doubtful glances of experienced golfers. 

The driving Range at St. Kateřina is not only beautiful, but it is also the highest altitude training meadow in the Czech Republic. The training meadow lies at an altitude of 747 meters above sea level.

Golf service offer in Resort Svatá Kateřina

Token (50 balls) our guests/ others

60 Kč/ 75 Kč

Golf shoes rental

100 Kč

Renting a golf set

470 Kč/ 1 day

Single golf club rental

50 Kč/ 60 minutes

Golf club caddy rental

100 Kč

Near the resort of Svatá Kateřina there is Golf Resort Monachus, which features a 18-hole championship wharf and a nine-hole public playground. The course is located in Nové Bystřice, about 30 minutes by car.

If you are interested in playing golf, please contact the reception.