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The Circle of the Druids is a place devited to intense, deep relaxation, meditation and recovery.

THE STONE CIRCLE at Svatá Kateřina

The Stone Circle of the Druids is a modern replica of the megalithic structure. It was built in 2014 as the largest cromlech in the Czech Republic to help people in their spiritual development and health improvement. They can then process light, especially Sun light and Moon light, as well as light of the Earth and cosmic energy.

The Stone Circle constructions are one of the basic types of megaliths that are commonly found across Northern Europe and Great Britain and typically date from the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age eras, with most concentrations appearing from 3000 BC. In prehistoric times people were aware of the powers of natural crystals and knew how to use them, especially West European druids, successors of legendary Atlantic culture and predecessors of Celtic culture.

The circle represents an ideal shape and the circular structures take advantage its power. The circle without the central stone has a sacral function; the circle structure with a menhir in the middle may have healing powers. A flat stone on the top of three smaller pedestals in the middle of the circle, used by some Nordic cultures, makes the stone unique. The energetic qualities of the circle stones attributes extraordinary functions to the stones and make them very important to people

The entrance to the circle stone, a passage between the two highest stones, is situated at the western side of the circle. You enter the stone from the west and you also exit in this direction.When entering the circle it is necessary to stop by between the stones for a moment and/or touch the stones by hands. There are also stones representing the other Cardinal directions as orientation points.

The author of the stone circle is Ing. Pavel Kozák, a psychotronist and a prominent Czech expert in landscape energy.

Discover energy of the magical place....

Discover energy of the magical place....

During the meditation

During meditation the center stone power is enhanced by outside stones and intensified by their interaction.

The number of rituals increase by the time:

The three most important

  • one that increasess your awareness – takes up to 7 minutes
  • one that assists in finding your place in society – takes up to 5 minutes
  • obtaining the qualities that an individual lacks – takes up to 10 minutes

The circle structure may have healing powers due to the interaction between the center stone and the outside ones, and is considered as additional treatment. 

The center stone is connected to the outside ones by short rays. The rays enriched by special healing powers vary so the circuit covers the entire pathological spectrum.

Steping on the center stone, a patient undergoes an examination. A flat stone obtaining energy from outside stones due to disease and its diagnoses, gives the energy back to a person.

During the treatment, the patient faces the exit for about a minute and then lies down on his back for about 2 minutes.

If you are not interested in using any of the meditative energies in this magical place, check at least this monument bringing us back to the ancient times.

Interesting facts

There are 33 stones in a large circle and the 34th stone is located in the centre lying at an altitude of 747 meters above sea level. The watershed of the Black and the North Sea passes through this stone circle. The Stone Circle of the Druids is a place devoted to intensive, deep relaxation, meditation and healing. We do not recommend any dynamic activities, practivcing yoga positions or dance activities. Focus on your breath, discover energy of this spiritual place designed for intense, deep relaxation, meditation and recovery. Before entering the circle, think of other guests, their beautiful nature and inner harmony.

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