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Slow down! Put down your notebook, turn off the mobile phone! Leave your car keys, deep in the bottom of your bag! Stop!  You are at the St. Kateřina, in the countryside, where harmony found its name… Forget everyday worries, relax!

Harmony found its name…

... Is a place of dreams for anyone who is tired of the stereotype of everyday life, the daily rat race, colleagues at work and even sometimes with your children and partners.

Do you do suffer from modern day ailments? Today it’s more and more difficult to ward off the constant interruption your mobile phone and e-mail. Regardless of the fact that you consider yourself to be balanced, successful and quite happy, you sometimes just feel the need to relax, be spoiled, do some sports, get rid of a few pounds, take a break from the city and think about the simpler things.

Location of the resort

Resort Svatá Kateřina is located in a picturesque countryside between towns Pelhřimov and Telč, 130 km from Prague and Brno and about half an hour walk from Počátky.

Located on the border between Bohemia and Moravia with coniferous forests just 730 metres away, about half an hour walk from Počátky. It is one of the most beautiful and most cozy places
of the Czech-Moravian Highlands.


Our “Green“ philosophy

  • There are no motorbikes driven in our resort (The only exception is a shuttle bus picking up our guests and taking them to the resort).
  • Electric cars and golf carts are the only accepted vehicles in the resorts.
  • We save water with specially remade water pumps.
  • We run our own sewage disposal plant with a special grease separator.
  • In winter we heat the resort only with electric power and wood to eliminate air pollution.
  • The hotel has the use of three charging stations for electric car: two Tesla supercharging stations for Tesla, located in the hotel parking lot in Počátky, and a universal charging station for all types of electric cars, located at the hotel.
  • We use 100% ecological EcoShine products for cleaning.
  • We use 100% cotton bed linen.

From past to present

Sv. Kateřina, established 1783

Resort St. Kateřina is situated on the site of the original Spa of St. Catherine, built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries at the healing spring dedicated to St. Kateřina. Father of the Čapek brothers and uncle of Franz Kafka worked here as doctors. The writer Julius Zeyer was looking for inspiration in here. The spa with its historical tradition was, at the time, a very sought-after center of Viennese high society that successfully treated here nerve diseases and diseases of kidney, heart, gall bladder, and relieved rheumatic pain and other ailments in the baths.

(Karl Bachmann, SPA owner, promotional leaflet from year 1872)

The Stone Circle of the Druids

The Stone Circle of the Druids

Discover power of a spiritual place

The Stone Circle of the Druids is a modern replica of the megalithic structure and a place designed for intense, deep relaxation, meditation and recovery. The structure was built in 2014 as the largest chrome in the Czech Republic to help people in their spiritual development and health improvement.



As traditional Ayurvedic medicine devotees we dreamed of a place that would become the cradle of Ayurveda in the Czech Republic. Therefore we decided to build an Ayurvedic pavilion that could make our dream about therapies and procedures at the highest level possible. We wish to breathe clean air, eat healthy food and live in a beautiful, natural environment, in harmony and peace. We believe the Ayurvedic Pavilion will fully represents this philosophy and we are looking forward to its opening in March 2019.

Golf driving range

Golf driving range

Concentrate on your game in peace

Golf is a natural activity in beautifully constructed natural surroundings. Thus, the game of golf is introduced as an optimal counterweight to the current lifestyle.

At St. Kateřina we do not have a golf course, but we have a beautiful training meadow. The driving Range at St. Kateřina is not only beautiful, but it is also the highest altitude training meadow in the Czech Republic. The training meadow lies at an altitude of 747 meters above sea level. The driving range is exceptional that the golf enthusiast is, with few exceptions almost alone there. One can indulge in practicing golf strokes on the vast field lined with trees without being disturbed by the critical and doubtful glances of experienced golfers. Outside the teeing ground you can enjoy the game also in Telč or at Golfresort Monachus in Nová Bystřice.