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MASSAGEs for pregnant women and for women after childbirth

MASSAGEs for pregnant women and for women after childbirth

Treatments for pregnant women and for women after childbirth have been specially designed by experts in their fields to help women address some minor problems in one of the happiest period of their lives. Enjoy safe, relaxing and nourishing therapies that will make you happy, fresh and sexy. Happy mother = happy baby.


 Appropriate treatment for expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy. Pleasant and calming ritual help relax tension of back muscles and legs. Restores skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks. Pamper yourself! What can you expect? Relaxing back and legs massage.

  • Price: 1.390 CZK/ 60´     

Pregnancy bliss massage

 Gentle prenatal relaxing back and neck massage for pregnant women. It helps eliminate your pain of spine, nape and head and increases skin elasticity. This massage takes care of the skin of pregnant woman, helps release internal tension and stress. It harmonizes the future mother with her baby. What can you expect? Relaxing head and neck massage. 

  • Price: 1.390 CZK/ 60´

Thermotherapy – Paraffin wraps

The thermotherapy is a procedure that provides health, as well as aesthetic effects. Paraffin wraps improve blood circulation, warm up and relax your muscles and joints. Help with arthritis and eczema problems. Your skin becomes velvety soft, supple and radiant. Let the beneficial heat act to your muscles and joints.

Bamboo massage – face lifting

Using special massage strokes, bamboo sticks and oils, it relaxes your facial muscles and removes swellings and muscle stiffness. The face becomes radiant, free of stress and tension. Allow us to pamper you and brighten you face.

  • Price: 790 CZK/ 30´

Coconut Wave PURE FIJI for pregnant

Full body pressure massage using special bags made of crushed coconut brings relief to your tired muscles. Wrap in the crushed coconut nourishes the skin and final massage with lava stones loosens the flow of energy in your body. Pamper yourself, close your eyes and enjoy the fragrance of the Pacific. What can you expect? Pressure massage and nourishing wrap of your entire body. 

  • Price: 1.690 CZK/ 60´

Bath in lava stone bathtub in coconut milk 

Enjoy perfect relaxation in water bath with beneficial effects. Coconut milk scents and softens your skin. The bath releases stress and provides you a feeling of serenity. 

  • Price: 590 CZK/ 30´

Relaxing massage with virgin coconut oil

This treatment soothes and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. Pure virgin coconut oil scents, softens and nourishes your skin. Massage removes tension caused by stress, will bring relief to the mind and tired muscles. 

  • Price: 690 CZK/ 30´
  • Price: 1.190 CZK/ 60´


Mysterious combination of essential oils and massage stimulates feeling of total pleasure and bliss. Let the mysterious mixture of herbs and oils act on your body, mind and spirit. What can you expect?  Hydrating body massage.

  • Price: 1.490 CZK/ 60´
Treatments for pregnant & women after childbirth

Treatments for pregnant & women after childbirth

If you are interested in other therapies offered at Wellness & Spa Resort Svatá Kateřina, don´t hesitate to ask our therapists. They will be happy to help you and choose procedure to your current state of health. There are definitely recommended treatments pregnant women & women after childbirth.

Comfort Zone Skin smoothing - firming and oxidising therapy

A treatment that helps minimilize orange skin. It deeply oxidizes, firms and remineralizes your skin. Recommended also for very sensitive skin. What can you expect?  Firming wrap of problematic areas. 

  • Price: 1.490 CZK/ 60´

Polynesian Ritual

Peeling and massage

Discover effects of exotic plants and soothing white sand in combination with special Polynesian massage, bringing you relaxation of the body and mind and pleasure to your senses. Sea salt peeling using sand from the Bora Bora Island and coconut shells will soften and smooth your skin.  Massage with unique coconut oil in combination with Tahitian vanilla and seaweeds.  Special bags full of hot sand release blocked energy and warm up tired muscles.  

  • Price: 1.890 CZK/ 60´
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