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<b>RULES AND REGULATIONS </b> Ayurvedic Pavilon


When entering the Ayurvedic Pavilion (hereinafter the “Pavilion”) every visitor is obliged to familiarize himself/herself with and follow the provisions of the Rules and Regulations and follow the instructions of our staff.

The Rules and Regulations are based on the Pavilion’s Operating Instructions, which were approved by the Regional Public Health Office in Pelhrimov, on March 12, 2019.

Entrance to the Pavilion

1. The entrance to the Pavilion premises is only open to visitors during regular opening hours.  The opening hours of the Pavilion are available at the Pavilion reception, the resort hotel rooms, the main hotel reception, and the Svatá Kateřina Resort website.

2. Entrance is only allowed with valid electronic chip. Admission fees are also available at the Pavilion reception, the resort hotel rooms, the main hotel reception, and the Svatá Kateřina Resort website.

3. By entering the Pavilion, the visitor agrees to fully comply with the provisions of the Rules and Regulations and all instructions of our staff.

4. In case of a lost chip, a fee of 1,200 CZK shall be charged.

5. Duration of stay in the Pavilion starts with the entrance to the locker room and ends with the return of the chip at the reception.  If the visitor exceeds the paid period of stay by more than 10 minutes, he/she is obliged to pay the relevant additional charge according to the pricelist.
6. The operator shall not allow new visitors to enter the Pavilion 30 minutes before the end of the business hours.  All visitors must leave the Pavilion not later then 10 minutes after the end of business hours.
7. When leaving the Pavilion, the visitor is obligedto return all lent items (towels, bed sheets, slippers, and bathrobe), as well as, the chip that is used to check the Pavilion visiting duration and the sum total of charged services.
8. Organized groups of persons under the age of 18shall be supervisedby their teachers, couches, or other appropriate persons. They shall be responsible for the group safety.


1. Entry to the pool and whirlpools is only permitted in swimsuit or swimwear made of flexible and closely fitting material.   Bermuda shorts, underwear, shorts and similar clothing are not suitable.
2. Every Pavilion visitor must comply with provisions of the Rules and Regulations and instructions of our staff.
3. Every Pavilion visitor receives, at the reception, a towel, bed sheet, and flips flops, which are included in the admission charge. Hotel guests are invited to bring and use the hotel’s bathrobe. Other visitors may borrow a bathrobe for a fee.
4. After entering the Pavilion locker rooms, visitors are obliged to remove their shoes and proceed barefoot. Shoes must be placed in a locker together with their clothes and personal belongings. The locker is then locked using the chip to be worn as a wristwatch. The Pavilion operator is not responsible for items left outside the lockers.

5. For hygienic reasons, every visitor, before entering the Wellness and Spa facility, must wash thoroughly using soap, without swimsuit, and in all Pavilion areas comply with principles of personal hygiene.
6. Within the Pavilion, visitors must use provided footwear or stay barefoot.
7. In their own interest, all visitors must move carefully on wet floors to prevent falls and resulting injuries.  The Pavilion operator is not liable for damages and injuries that visitors cause by their own carelessness or failure to comply with this rule or instructions given by our staff.
8. The Finnish sauna and the steam cabins are to be used without swimsuits. Provided bed sheets must be used instead. 
9. For any willful damage of the equipment or for the loss of lent items, the visitor must pay a reasonable charge determined by the Pavilion operator.
10. Poolfeatures are activated and controlled from the Pavilion reception according to the operating rules. Their use cannot be requested outside the fixed operating hours.

11. To provide first aid in case of accidents, injuries or nausea, it is always necessary to call the reception staff who will provide the basic treatment and medical assistance. Accident data are recorded in the Accident Book kept at the Pavilion reception.
12. The entire Wellness and Spa facility is operated as a coed public facility without gender-specific operating times.
13. For security reasons, some public areas of the Pavilion are monitored by our CCTV system (except locker rooms, WC, showers, Finnish sauna, steam cabins, and massage rooms). However, there is no video recording.

It is prohibited to

1. Smoke or handle open fire in all Pavilion areas, sunroofs, atrium, and meditation garden.

2. Use outdoor shoes in the locker rooms.

3. Dive into the pool or whirlpools.

4. Behave loudly or in a way that jeopardizes one’s own safety or safety of other guests and disturb others with excessive noise.

5. Enter the pool and whirlpools without taking a shower with soap.

6. Consume any food and beverage in the Pavilion, sunroofs, and atrium. Only food and beverage purchased in the Pavilion can be consumed.
7. Enter the Pavilion with dogs or other animals.
8. Clean and wash clothes.
9. Shave and use shavers in showers and in Pavilion locker rooms.
10. Move equipment, furniture or handle Pavilion technical equipment.
11. Enter the Wellness and Spa premises with chewing gum.
12. Bring and use water toys, balls and inflatable recliners (swimming rings and inflatable armbands for children are allowed).


1. The operator reserves the right to temporarily prohibit entry to the Pavilion when the operating capacity of the Pavilion is full. 
2. Persons with contagious diseases, rashes, having visible body injuries, soiled persons or persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances may not enter the Pavilion.  
3. Visitors who violate the provisions of the Rules and Regulations or who do not obey the instructions of our staff may be expelled from the Pavilion, without refund of admission fee, or in case of hotel guests without reduced accommodation charges.  In urgent cases, our staff in charge may ask the Czech police to intervene.
4. The operator reserves the right to limit the use or close some parts of the Pavilion due to urgent maintenance or due to other objective reasons.

Children and youth

1. Children under 1 year of age are not allowed according to Law 19, Paragraph 3, of the Decree 238/2011 Coll.
2. Children between the ages of 1 to 3 may enter the pool and whirlpools only with a person over 18, wearing a swimsuit made with close-fitting elastic around their legs.
3. Children up to 8 years of age are only allowed on specified days and times.
4. Children and adolescents under 15 are allowed only when accompanied by a person over the age of 18.
5. Use of sauna is not recommended for persons under 15 years of age.

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