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spa rituals

spa rituals

The ritual gives your body, mind and soul indescribable feeling of peace and inner beauty.


A unique massage ritual that takes you on a journey through four distinct worlds: the exotic orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India and the ancient culture of desert tribes, for a complete sensorial experience. 
Special peeling and therapy bring relief to the mind and tired muscles, relieve tension and pain and restore inner balance. The concluding ritual brings you a sense of strength, energy and vitality.
What can you expect? Peeling and body massage.

  • Price: 2.190 Kč/ 90´


Cleasing body peeling reflecting ancient traditions of Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arrabic cultures. This renewing volcanic scrub ritual uses minute lava particles combined with nourishing karate butter and enhanced with your chosen essential oil, blended to smooth and soften the skin leaving it radiant.
What can you expect? Body peeling.

  • Price: 1.290 Kč/ 45´

Pure Fiji treatments

The original inhabitants of Fiji in the South Pacific have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify skin and hair. PURE FIJI brings you the best of these traditional blends for natural baths, massages and body care.


Discover the power of relaxation:  peeling, bath, massage and wrap

Set out on a discovery journey when you dive into the depths of relaxation. This beautiful ritual fills your body, mind and spirit with indescribable feeling of peace and inner beauty. Special brown seaweed removes toxic and waste substances from the body caused by excessive stress. Then, the holy lotus will calm the mind. Part of this treatment is the usage of best herbs and oils from India, China, Egypt and the Mediterranean. Treat yourself to get the best from around the world and from the sea and feel a sense of inner harmony. 

  • Price: 3.390 Kč/ 120'

Vanilla Polynesian peeling Tahaá 45'

Peeling with sea salt, sand from the Bora Bora Island and coconut shells soften and smooth your skin.
What can you except? Peeling of the whole body. 

Price: 1.350 Kč/ 45´

Polynesian Ritual

peeling and massage

Discover effects of exotic plants and white sand in combination with special Polynesian massage, bringing you relaxation of the body, mind and senses. The azure blue water, full of bubbles with oil from flowers of lilies with citrus aroma, release your muscles and prepare you to the massage with unique coconut oil in combination with Tahitian vanilla and seaweeds. Special bags full of hot sand release blocked energy and warm through weary muscles. 

  • Price: 1.890 Kč/ 60´

Cold cream Marine

Dry and sensitive skin treatment

This ritual begins with a deeply hydrating body wrap to soothe the skin and relieve any feelings of dryness, restoring a feeling of comfort. While this is taking effect, a scalp massage is carried out to promote relaxation and ease tension. The wrap is followed by a relaxing massage of the entire body, including the hands and feet. The cold cream containts  Shea butter, Marakuji seed oil and Isatis tinctoria virgin oil

What can you except? Wrap, whole body massage, head massage. 

  • Price: 1.790 Kč/ 60´


Pampering, hydrating ritual using 100% BIO products of Crete restores the elasticity and softness of your skin and eliminates the effects of stress on the whole body.

The olive oil body mask with touch of tangerine and orange releases the tension of tired muscles and your mind. The basal peeling and wrap improves blood circulation. The facial olive mask brighten your face. After peeling follows a massage making you smile and feeling like a newborn.

  • Price: 1.690 Kč/ 60'

Bioaroma cosmetics

100 % BIO products, not tested on animals, contain pure ingredients exclusively from the Greek island of Crete.

Essential oils and plants DiCtamos and Labdanum, called treasures of Crete, have unique smoothing, toning and antiseptic properties. They stimulate the lymphatic system, and in combination with massage techniques they help to remove the fatigue and improve the lymphatic and blood circulation. The scent of these bio products has a beneficial effect on the mind and helps to restore the inner balance.