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spa rituals

spa rituals

Rituals give your body, mind and soul indescribable feeling of peace and inner beauty.


 A unique massage ritual that takes you on the journey for a complete sensorial experience through four distinct worlds: the exotic orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India and the ancient culture of desert tribes.  Special peeling and therapy bring relief to your mind and tired muscles, release tension and pain and restore inner balance. The final ritual brings you a sense of strength, energy and vitality. What can you expect? Peeling and body massage.

  • Price: 2.390 Kč/ 90´


Cleansing body peeling reflecting ancient traditions of Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabic cultures.  It brings nourishment, youth and radiance to all types of skin.  Peeling provides tension relief, smoothes and softens your skin leaving is nourished and hydrated. What can you expect? Full body peeling.

  • Price: 1.390 Kč/ 45´


An aromatherapy ritual

that brings release of inner tension and stress. Amaranth oil helps to renew the skin's natural barrier, while sweet almond oil brings nourishment. The ritual includes a sugar scrub whose crystals improve blood circulation, gently cleanse and smooth the skin. The ritual begins with a sugar scrub, followed by a massage that includes special moves to release tension and remove the effects of stress. This therapy calms the mind, relieves mental and physical fatigue, and releases muscle tension. It brings a feeling of lightness, calm and energy. What can you expect? Peeling and hydrating full-body massage.

  • Price 2,390 CZK/ 90 minute


A unique deep cleansing aromatherapy scrub

that brings cellular renewal, eliminates signs of fatigue and removes excess tissue from the skin. It adds glow, supports cellular oxygenation, improves microcirculation and leaves skin fresh and vital. This treatment combines the effects of amaranth oil, sweet almond oil and crystal sugar to create the final effect of highly nourished and silky skin. What can you expect? Full-body peeling.

  • Price 1,390 CZK/ 45 minutes

Pure Fiji treatments

The original inhabitants of Fiji in the South Pacific have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify skin and hair. PURE FIJI brings you the best of these traditional blends for natural baths, massages and body care.

Pure Fiji Ritual

Fine ritual purifying the body and mind. Coconut oil and peeling, with aroma of your choice, stimulate the lymphatic system; deep cleans pores and improves blood circulation. Gentle peeling, coconut wrap, massage stimulating lymph flow and head massage, which relieves stress and inner tension, brings a sense of balance and harmony. What can you expect? Peeling, wrap and head massage. 

  • 1,890 Kč/ 75 minutes


A unique wellness experience prepared for you by the experts and professionals from WELEDA. 

A relaxing therapy that uses special techniques to bring relaxation and regeneration.

A holistic approach combined with pure, natural WELEDA products will put a smile on your face, all you have to do is choose which therapy is best for you: 


"Vitality and harmony"

Extracts of rose in WELEDA products give the skin vitality, freshness and youthful appearance. It supports healing, skin metabolism and the formation of elastic and collagen fibres. This ritual is very gentle and soothing. Rose improves mood, harmonizes body, spirit and mind.

  • Price: 2,890 CZK/90 minutes


"Energy and rejuvenation"

Pomegranate is known for its rejuvenating effect. It works against oxidative stress, formation of pigment spots. It promotes hydration, provides necessary minerals, vitamins. Firms, hydrates and restores elasticity to the skin. This ritual brings a feeling of strength and energy.

  • Price: 2,890 CZK/90 minutes


body rituals.

"The secret to each of Inlight's products is a unique formula, developed over many years of research in Italy and the UK.

The very potent blends of the purest, cold-pressed, organic quality oils are in complete harmony with the skin and the special techniques used serve to enhance the vital power of these oils, increasing their positive energy and allowing your skin to be healthy and beautiful."


a body ritual.

A relaxing, regenerative back therapy where the reflex points on the feet and hands are stimulated first, followed by gentle acupressure of points along the spine.

Gentle back massage in combination with Inlight products brings a release of internal tension, tension, removing the effects of stress and inducing a feeling of strength and energy.

  • Price: 1,590 CZK / 60 minutes


a body ritual.

A relaxing, relieving treatment using special techniques to stimulate the reflex points on the feet. Thanks to this, the whole body is relaxed and the energy pathways are cleared.

The treatment includes a peeling followed by a massage, all done up to the knees. The therapy is aimed at improving blood circulation in the lower limbs, stimulating the feet, relieving swelling and the feeling of heavy lower limbs. 

  • Price 1,690 CZK / 60 min
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