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Slimmer, healthier and full of energy.
How does it work?

This program is based on numeous personal medical data, blood test results and subsequent analyses of 35 blood test indicators. The goal is to determine the correct parameters needed for proper metabolic and hormonal functions. Our nutritionists utilize proprietary data base of foodstuffs taking into account their chemical composition, glycemic load and micro-nutrients to build a  precise "road map” and thus indicating exactly those foods which are nutritionally best as "building materials" for your body's cells and healthy hormonal production. Your personalized nutritional plan, considering your age and physical condition, re-establishes and improves your natural fat burning capability (lipolysis) and kick-starts your metabolism.

A unique, scientifically based nutritional program for weight management. It has been developed in Germany and is properly licensed and regulated.

metabolic balance®

Being unique in the Czech Republic, we implement this program in form of a retreat, not as a series of outpatient examinations and consultations.
Length of stay10 Days
Price from44,970CZK


Ayurvedic program compiled by Indian practitioner for a healthy, slim and fit body.

This program is designed as a combination of Ayurvedic cleansing therapies, massages, balanced Sattvian vegetarian diet and Ayurvedic food supplements. Since the program is tailored to client´s physical condition and health, some procedures, exercise lessons, dietary supplements or cleansing programs are not included in the program and will be recommended by our Ayurvedic practitioner after a consultation.

Length of stay8, 11 or 15 Days
Price from41,370CZK
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