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Give your body the care it deserves. Sauna and steam provide perfect cleansing. It will brighten up your day, full of rest. You will be pleased once you try our Finnish or Aromatic sauna or the salt and herbal bath at the Svata Katerina Resort.

You will find bathrobes and hotel slippers in your hotel room.  Upon request, the Wellness Reception can also provide you with a free towel and two linen sheets upon entering the Wellness & Spa facility. As part of the ecological management of the environment, we can lend you additional towels, sheets or a bathrobe for a fee. The price for changing the bathrobe is CZK 60; additional linen sheet is CZK 30 and a towel CZK 20.


Immerse in refreshing sparkling water and enjoy positive energy, all around.

Stars shining above your head and a glass of sparkling wine in your hand. Wholesome bath in bubbling mineralized water together with floating, warmness and massage is marvelously rejuvenating. The human body, when submerged, is only one-tenth of its weight, presenting one's muscles and tendons the ability to completely relax. The warmth of the water and the massage stimulate your bloodstream, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your body, providing deep relaxation and rejuvenation to your tired muscles. Nozzles are expertly placed to massage the most strained parts of your body. You can control the power of the nozzles, making your experience as pleasant as possible. Six different massage programs are available. The bath is further amplified by unique composition of the water that comes from our Sv. Katerina spring. This deep alkaline mineral spring has been used for spa treatments for centuries having a unique skin regeneration effect. Furthermore, you will experience deeper and more relaxed sleep after this hydro-massage. You can also try out our warming room located on the terrace - a tropical bath!


Whirling and steaming under the sky
Pricelist jacuzzi - individual


  • 690 CZK/ 60 min
  • 890 CZK/ 90 min


  • 990 CZK/ 60 min
  • 1,290 CZK/ 90 min


  • 1,090 CZK/ 60 min
  • 1,490 CZK/ 90 min


  • 1,290 CZK/ 60 min
  • 1,790 CZK/ 90 min
Renting all Jacuzzi together

Martinique, Tahitan, Geneva and Cantabria

  • 3,660 CZK/ 60 min
  • 5,060 CZK/ 90 min
Pricelist jacuzzi - combinations of tubs

Martinique and Geneva

  • 1,580 CZK/ 60 min
  • 2,180 CZK/ 90 min

Geneva and Tahitian

  • 1,880 CZK/ 60 min
  • 2,580 CZK/ 90 min

Tahitian and Cantabria

  • 2,080 CZK/ 60 min
  • 2,880 CZK/ 90 min

Martinique and Geneva a Tahitian

  • 2,470 CZK/ 60 min
  • 3,370 CZK/ 90 min

Geneva a Tahitian and Cantabria

  • 3,070 CZK/ 60 min
  • 4, 270 CZK/ 90 min


Free entry to Wellness (spa therapies)

  • 2 hours: 230 CZK
  • Day ticket: 470 CZK 
  • children 1 - 6 years for 2 hours: 150 CZK

The entry to wellness includes:

  • Spa, sauna, steam room and relaxation room

The entry to wellness doesn´ t includes:

  • Jacuzzi under the sky and Rasulbath

    Opening hours
    Mo-Thu: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm (massage according to ordered procedures) Fri: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm (massage according to ordered procedures) Sat: 08:00 am - 11:00 pm (massage till 10:00 pm) Sun: 08:00 am - 08:00 pm, in case of long weekends till 10:00 pm (massages till 7 pm) Entrance for children aged 1 to 6 years is allowed only when it is open for children. Every day 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm Babies and children under one year of age are not allowed to enter the Spa.   Children under the age of 15 are allowed only if accompanied by an adult.


The right thing for Wellness Packages!

Sauna is based on alternating heat and cold. The inside temperature reaches up to 90°Celsius.  Water temperature in the cooling pool is about 6°Celsius.  To increase blood circulation to the skin, we recommend using special brushes and washcloths.  Use of sauna leads to better resistance and immunity against disease.  It protects against disease, especially in the winter season. It also acts beneficially to release muscle tension, assists in the treatment of stress and relieves overall exhaustion. Sauna also has a positive effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Many people can improve their dermatological problems. Finally, when using sauna, the human body gets fit and toxic substances are eliminated. It is not advisable to go to sauna with a full or empty stomach, immediately after considerable physical exertion or after drinking alcohol. If you suffer from health problems, contact our staff at the Wellness Reception.


Choose from a wide range of aromatic essences:

    Inducing relaxation:

  • Combination of bergamot, rosewood, cedar, ylang-ylang, geranium bourbon, lavender, sweet orange.

    Bringing relief of breathing problems:
  • Combination of eucalyptus globules and eucalyptus radiata.

    Awakening vitality:
  • Combination of peppermint, grapefruit, pine and rosemary.

    Inducing harmony:
  • Combination of lemon, citronella, cypress, lavender, red tangerine, tea tree and patchouli.


Aromatic steam bath employs wide range of essential oils. Steam salt bath takes advantage of the beneficial effects of the water and salt of Svata Katerina.

If you experience health problems, contact our staff at the Wellness Reception.


Steam bath is a hot bath (40-55 °C) with high humidity (up to 100%). This unique ambiance has positive effect on the human organism. The main difference between the ambiance in the sauna and steam bath lies in the humidity. This body warm-up positively affects the organism. Steam bath helps treat asthma, respiratory diseases, rheumatism, hoarseness, muscle troubles and blood circulation disorders. Warming-up of the organism leads to activation of the detoxification processes and fat burning, so that steam bath also leads to weight loss. Steam inhalation is an excellent medicinal remedy for colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, sinus inflammation and pneumonia. During inhalation of steam, the skin pores open. Pollutants from the skin are washed out as herbs actively regenerate the skin. Unlike the sauna ambiance, the steam bath is a moist warm bath. It is not recommended to use the sauna with full or empty stomach or immediately after considerable physical exertion.

RASULBATH - ginger


Ginger intensively cleanses your body and in connection with coconut oil hydrates and brightens your skin. Coconut oil together with ginger is full of vitamins and antioxidants, bringing the skin necessary nutrients, lightly tones it and protects against signs of aging.  ·    

  • Price: 690 CZK/ 30 min.

RASULBATH - Honey pleasure

This treatment helps to firm problematic areas of your body. Special honey-milk mask is applied to your skin for 20 minutes while you are in the warm steam bath. At the end, your skin in treated with body honey butter, which intensifies the skin firming effect. This procedure is not suitable during high outdoor temperatures and for those having blood pressure or heart problems.

  • Price: 690 CZK/ 30 min. 
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