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2 questions for: RNDr. Pavel Suchánek

Why Resort Svatá Kateřina offers several types of slimming stays. What is the difference?

It depends on what the client prefers. We have stays focused more on weight loss through movement and a suitable diet, as well as those focused on weight loss with less movement and the use of special devices to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. And then we have the German licensed Metabolic balance program, which is also suitable for people with civilization diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, gout, etc.

Which of these programs do you find exceptional in terms of your long experience in this field?

Definitely Metabolic Balance®, which is based on a detailed blood analysis. Based on this, an individual diet and physical activities are set up.It was developed and is successfully run in Germany, from where it has spread throughout Europe. In Germany, the German health insurance contributes to the treatment of overweight diabetics. It is accepted by the scientific community as very meaningful. It has been developed with great thoroughness. For example, the client is given instructions on how to eat at a family party so as not to disrupt the programme. The results are really fascinating. One month after starting the program, the average weight loss, depending of course on the amount of excess weight at the beginning, is up to ten kilograms. And that's without a significant decrease in active muscle mass. More than 80% of the lost weight comes at the expense of body fat. The measurements are made on the top-quality diagnostic device InBody 720, which very accurately determines the body composition, the amount of subcutaneous and intra-abdominal fat, the amount of active muscle mass and its energy consumption, the amount of water and its distribution in the body and other parameters.

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