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Do you want to lose weight? Try Metabolic Balance

Do you want to lose weight? Today we are publishing a testimonial from a client who has gone through the Metabolic Balance program, which is focused on weight loss. You can read the impressions and experiences of the entire weight loss journey.

As a person who doesn't trust various "guaranteed" diets and healing cures, I decided to go through the Metabolic Balance program at St. Catherine Resort. I have to admit that I was convinced to do this, especially by the proven and tested experience with this program not only in the Czech Republic, but also in neighboring countries where this program is recognized and sometimes even covered by health insurance companies.  

Detailed acquaintance with the programme and the staff of the St. Catherine Resort immediately dispelled the rest of the concerns about the correctness of my step, which certainly influenced my current way of life during the ongoing programme. Moreover, when I was introduced to the experienced and media-known nutrition counselling experts in our country, including the perfectly trained chefs for the preparation of the

Metabolic Balance meals, while the programme was still underway, I was at ease.

Just the necessary, fairly detailed blood work will certainly reveal a lot of interesting and important information about your body and health that you may not even be aware of. In the first two days (the preparation phase) it is certainly nothing that cannot be handled. Especially when you have so many options at Resort St. Catherine for what to do with your free time.

The subsequent rigorous phase from day 3 of the stay surprised me very pleasantly. On being introduced to the breadth of my range of selected (designated) foods, from which the resort's chef had put together an incredibly varied menu. Even the allowed weight of each dish was very surprising to me. This diversity of the menu also became a great school for my further culinary skills in the subsequent home environment, when I continued the change I had begun in the spirit of Metabolic Balance.

I can responsibly say that I did not suffer from hunger during the whole stay, I felt better thanks to the individual balanced diet and in my case even the excess pounds left somehow naturally without any increased physical effort. In the end, I took back to my home environment a lot of new information, advice and experiences from the Svatá Kateřina Resort, which have influenced my way of life. The many recipes I received for the preparation of meals, using ingredients just recommended for my body, were also a great help.

At the same time, I must also stress that the Metabolic balance is increased many times in the Resort St. Catherine by the consumption of the excellent Catherine water, whose healing effects have been known for many centuries. Among other things, it has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation and digestive system of your body. Another matter of course is the possibility of a return consultation with the experts in St. Katherine after your departure or even in person in Prague at their next consultation point.

I am very happy to say that I do not regret at all my decision, the effort and the resources spent, because the results achieved are very satisfying, even unreal. Moreover, it is my health!

Currently, I am already in the transition phase of Metabolic Balance and without much effort according to the recommended rules, I am successfully approaching my own set goals. I highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to do something for their health or perhaps reduce their body weight without the yo-yo effect. However, it is necessary to have a strong will and an initial commitment to something new and not entirely familiar. And if you still meet a great group of like-minded clients and friendly staff everywhere during your stay at Resort Svatá Kateřina, you have won at least one half of the prize.

Connected client Metabolic balance from Resort Svatá Kateřina.


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